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Consumers are suffering from advertising overload. Reaching consumers is becoming tougher for advertisers due to cord-cutting and the growing use of ad-blocking software and DVRs.



TRY OUR USER-GENERATED VIDEO CONTENT DISTRIBUTED BY CONSUMERS  leverages technology to turn the marketing of your brand into a personal movement and a social movement.

We evolve your social media campaigns to serve a greater purpose while solving 3 typical problems encountered by brands:


1.    Getting consumers to pay attention to their messages

2.    Negative comments can quickly sour a positive interactive campaign 

3.    Video content generation is tough on small and local businesses budgets maximizes consumers’ excitement for your brand or venue placing them in charge of creating and driving your content and helps you:

  • Empower consumers to spread your message in a philanthropic, personalized way.


  • Bond with consumers for a common social cause. You choose the nonprofit*.

  • Generate social media content. 


  • Create brand awareness through organic video content.

  • Link to your consumer-generated videos from current and past campaigns from your website and social media pages anytime. 


*Choose from approved nonprofits or suggest a nonprofit we may reach out to. 

Activate your loyal customers and inspire new ones.
Participate in our beta launch (starts June 2023) to lock in early adopter rates through January 1, 2024. 


Try it today!

Join the Movement

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