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Social Purposes

Marketers everywhere share a common problemGetting consumers to pay attention to their message. Meanwhile, consumers suffer from advertisements overload. To find a solution, we needed and Outside the Box approach. 
By juxtaposing these problems, we conceptualized them and solutions differently in new inventive ways. This helped us unite the common passion that consumers and companies share for their brands, along with the desire to give back to their favorite charities and capture these commonalities juxtaposing them in  Through, Social Purposes helps innovative brands who like to think outside the box, pleasantly surprise their loyal followers and win new ones. 
We are building a company with a social benefit structure that adopts a higher standard of corporate purpose, accountability and transparency.   Our dedication to generating conversations between brands and consumers expands to unifying them for a common social cause.  
Social Purpose #1 
Give consumers and brands the opportunity to be truly social with each other, through our juxtaview  platform;
Social Purpose #2 
Create a fun social format where consumers and brands can raise money for their favorite charities;
Social Purpose #3 
Once our company is fully functional, we will employ, educate, and train young adults aging out of foster care through a certification paid work experience program.

Approximately 3000 young adults age out of foster care every year in Florida.  

  • 60% of young adults aging out of foster care will have a child within four years*

  • 33 percent will be homeless within three years*

  • 25 percent of the males will end up behind bars*


*Source: Children’s Home Society

As mentioned above, we have a corporate social cause of our own which is to provide life-changing opportunities to some of the young adults aging out of foster care.  When you invest your marketing dollars in promoting your brand through juxtaview, you are also helping us create work and training opportunities for teens aging out of foster care.  As our company grows, we will be able to extend employment and professional growth opportunities to more aging-out youth.  

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