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What is is a user-generated video hosting platform that interacts across social media platforms. rewards registered users with points for following brands and charities, creating, and liking positive videos created by them or other users.  (Videos are sponsored by brands.) Users can enter time-sensitive 15-second video competitions to win First and Runner-up prizes based on the most amount of Likes. Brands also pledge dollars to charity when their campaigns reach an “X” amount of Likes (currently a minimum of $100 pledge when the campaign reaches 1000 Likes before the campaign ends).


Make your brand happy!


Why should I create an account on

As a guest, you can watch and share videos. As an official Juxtaviewer (registered user), you can watch, like, share, and see comments and comment on videos.  You can also submit videos. The best part is that you get points for submitting videos, watching videos, Liking videos, and Following Brands and Charities.  Soon you will have the availability to redeem your points for free stuff.  As an official Juxtaviewer, you can also follow your friends and see other Juxtaviewers’ followers.


What are hearts on profiles?

At we are all about showing love! Registered Juxtaviewers can show appreciation and follow other Juxtaviewers, brands, and charities by clicking on the heart on their profiles.  When logged in, you can also view who follows you by clicking on your profile and who follows others by clicking on their Followers on their profile.  You can also view who you follow under Friends, Brands, and Charities section in your profile. 


How do I create an account on

Joining our family of official Juxtaviewers is easy.  Simply type your email address in the 'Sign Up' box and click on Sign-Up and you will receive an email asking you to click through to confirm your email address.  Once you click through on the email you will be back on and will be asked to create a username and password. 

How do I create my profile?

Once you are logged in, a blue circle will appear on the top left side of your screen.  There you will see your username and email (others cannot see your email).  Click on the down arrow next to your name and your profile options will expand.  Click on profile and drag or click on the box to add a picture, and fill in the sections you want on the profile. In this section, you will also find those you follow here under Friends, Brands, and Charities, as well as any assignments of campaigns you have joined. 

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a video competition hosted by a brand.

Campaigns consist of three stages.  

  1. An assignment is posted announcing campaign requirements, deadlines, and prizes.

  2. Video submissions are accepted by the set deadline. 

  3. Race. All videos submitted are posted and the competition for Likes starts. There's also a deadline posted with the date when the race ends. 

How do I submit a video?

To submit a video, you must first create an account and join the campaign you want to submit the video to by clicking "Join" on top of the campaign assignment video. Once you have joined the campaign,  go to your profile section and the campaign will appear under your "Assignments" section that will say "Not yet submitted."  Click on the green arrow on the assignment and a box will open up with all the campaign information. Scroll down to the end of the information and you will see an empty box next to the assignment video.  To submit your video click and add the video or drop the video in the box.  Once the upload has completed, your video will show up in the box. When you close the box you will be back in your profile and next to the assignment it will now say "Submitted."  In some browsers, you might have to refresh the page for the video to show.  If you have any difficulty uploading your video, contact: or

How are winners selected?

Winners are based on the number of Likes at the end of the race.  The winner with the most Likes wins first prize and the runner-up wins second prize. in the event of a tie, the winner with the most Likes and Views in that First or runner-up tie wins.  In the odd event that two people qualifying for First or Runner-up placement have the same exact amount of Likes and Views, then the one with the most amount of Comments wins.   People can still continue to view and Like videos even after the winners have been selected.  Click here to view winners


What is an assignment?

Assignments are created and sponsored by brands.  An assignment consists of creating and submitting 15-second videos (range 12-15 seconds) based on topic, question or phrase decided by brand.  Each assignment provides specific requirements and deadlines.

How to create an assignment.


How do I get, view, and redeem points?

You receive one point the first time you watch a video. You also receive on point for each video you like and each Brand and Charity you follow.   Here's a secret.... currently we are awarding one point per each Juxtaviewer you follow.  This is our way to say thank you for supporting our soft launch. Once we have our official launch, you will no longer receive points for following people, so now is the best time to join and build up your points.

You can view your points right next to your picture on your profile control section.  Your points are not public, only you can view them.

We are working on building relationships to get you great free stuff you'll like. So keep collecting points and you will be notified as soon, as points are redeemable. 


How do pledges work and who chooses the charities that brands pledge to?

Every campaign must contain a pledge to a charity.  This means the Brand's promise to donate X amount of dollars to its charity of choice when all the videos in the campaign (this includes the assignment video) receive a collective X amount of Likes.  This is why we encourage Juxtaviewers (even those who are not competing) to ask their friends to sign up and Like videos and share the videos to help secure the donations for charities.  Plus don't forget that register Juxtaviewers receive a rewards point the first time they watch a video and for each video they Like.  Charities are never charged to be included in the campaigns or for having a page on


How often will I receive emails from

You will receive emails from when a new assignment has been posted and is now accepting submissions, when a campaign is racing (meaning open for voting through Likes), and when submission or voting deadline is approaching on campaigns. We are working on a feature where you can choose to opt out of reminders and opt-in to be notified when you friends post comments, videos, or post comments on your own videos and other videos. You will also receive notifications when new features are available. 


If you can't find an answer to your question or something is not clear on here, please email us at  


We appreciate your support in helping us build a site that you can truly be excited about.  Please visit our corporate site to learn more about our social purposes and help us spread the word and put positivity out on the internet by creating videos with your own personal style. 



Thank you for being part of our soft launch.  We are preparing the site for our official launch adding new features. If you have any suggestions that might help us provide you with a better user experience please help us be better by sharing them with us.  




Please submit feedback and report issues to corresponding topics:

For further Corporate information, please visit us at



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